Fred Rodgers. Fred has been an avid photographer from the day that he first picked up his grandfather’s Kodak 35mm and started capturing images near his home in Memphis, Tennessee. His love of nature was a key factor in his continued interest in landscape, wildlife and macro photography. Fred has traveled throughout Florida to capture the unique beauty of its flora and fauna. He has worked with Jim Caldwell as co-host of The Fotobug Podcast since 2009.

Jim Caldwell. Jim has been capturing images with a camera for over 5 decades and has been teaching and leading photo workshops around the world for 2 decades. His images have appeared on Nat Geo, National Audubon and hundreds of other magazines, newspapers and textbooks. Jim is also a Certified Florida Master Naturalist. He is co-host of 'The Fotobug Podcast'

Chad Coppess has provided the visual identity of the South Dakota Department of Tourism for 28 years. He travels the state shooting fairs, festivals, nature, tourism attractions, state and national parks, etc. Chad recently retired from this position and now works at South Dakota Magazine. Road trips throughout the Western United States are a passion; where he has photographed wildlife, landscapes and many movie filming locations. Concert photography is just another avenue for his creativity, covering local bands to the biggest stars.  Check out Chad's facebook page: Dakotagraph; where he provides tips and ideas for photographing South Dakota.  Facebook: Dakotagraph

Mike Wolforth grew up on farms in Eastern South Dakota, where he learned to respect and study wildlife and their habits. Mike has Photographed the Badlands and both Pine Ridge & Rosebud Indian Reservations, DevilsTower, and all of the Black Hills. He has had the opportunity to spend 16 days in Ecuador photographing both the hardship of poverty and the beauty of the mountains and the many cultures of the different tribes. Mike’s photography also took him on an adventure to Scotland photographing Castles & Gardens for the Scottish Tourism Department. Mike was the Rapid City Rush Hockey team’s official photographer for 11 years. Mike is devoted in teaching both photography and photoshop to as many people that are willing to learn. In sharing his images with others he hopes to teach them to respect both our Natural resources and the importance of wildlife to our wellbeing. Facebook: Photography by Mike Wolforth

Becca gage Shelburne. When Becca is not Photographing for beautiful ranches in Northeastern Wyoming, she is a marketing/advertising photographer for many diverse companies scattered through the northern Black hills.  Becca has been a Shootout Instructor for several years.

Richard Carlson became a self-taught photographer while attending college for engineering.  He began a 20-year career as a full-time photojournalist when he was 21.  Carlson has instructed 4 semesters at two universities and has given classes through community education as well as individual workshops. Carlson’s career began in the darkroom, but he began using digital in 1996. Carlson co-founded Inertia Sports Media in 2000 serving newspaper and other media.  He has been published in various national and international publications in addition to contracting work with the NBA, NCAA and ABC/Disney. Some of his sports photography most recently appeared in Sports Illustrated.  Carlson is also the digital archivist at Historic Black Hills Studios which is home to the Fassbender Photographic Collection.  Some of Carlson’s work can be found at  Website:

Tomas Alvarez: I split my time between being a software engineer and professional photographer.  While I dabbled in photography right after college, it wasn't until ten years ago that it hooked me for good.  Since then, photography has transformed my life in many ways, and allowed me to spend more quality time with my wife and four children.  I've exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, featured in publications, and have a few cover shots.  I've created and hosted digital exhibitions in art galleries, and eventually hope to build a photography based content delivery system.  Website:  Instagram: @tom.alvarez  Facebook: Tomas Alvarez Photography   Send Email

Charlie Borland has been a pro photographer and teacher for over 35 years and completed assignments for: Nike, Blue Cross, Texas Instruments, Fujitsu, Farmers Ins, Black Diamond, Camelbak, NW Airlines, and been published in: National Geographic Adventure and Traveler, Outside, Women's Sport and Fitness, Newsweek, TV Guide, Sports Illustrated for Women, Time, Backpacker, Sunset, American Photo, Outdoor Photographer, Eco Traveler, and more.

Jenn Zeller is the creative mind and boss lady behind The South Dakota Cowgirl. She is an aspiring horsewoman, photographer, brilliant social media strategist and lover of all things western.  Her photography has been featured by Instagram, Apple, TIME Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Oprah Magazine. She's done work for Dove, Duluth, Budweiser, and AQHA to name a few. Jenn’s work has been published internationally, has been seen in several books and has graced the covers of several magazines.  Insta: @thesdcowgirl  FB: TheSouthDakotaCowgirl

Kendra Perry Koski had been coming to the Black Hills Shootout as a participant every year until 2019, when she became an Instructor. Kendra is the owner of Dakota Winds Photography and spends her time exploring the backroads of South Dakota, capturing breathtaking sunsets and photographing the abandoned buildings and vehicles she finds along the way. Check out Kendra's work on her facebook page: Dakota Winds Photography. Website:  Instagram: @dakotawindsphoto  Facebook: Dakota Winds Photography  Send Email

Marty DeWitt spent nearly 40 years working in state parks in Vermont and South Dakota, and his travels have taken him to more than 140 national parks and monuments. Rarely was he without a camera close at hand!. In his retirement, he now spends his time as a sales associate at Harold's Photo in Sioux Falls, teaching classes and workshops, and currently serves as president of the Sioux Falls Camera Club. In his classes, he stresses the importance of getting the shot right in the camera, thereby reducing the need for editing, or certainly making it easier to do.  Facebook: Marty DeWitt​​​​​​​  Send Email

Chris Yushta is a professional photographer in the Northern Hills area who lives in Sturgis with his wife and two boys. While he loves to photograph almost everything, he particularly enjoys automotive, and night photography. Chris is also an alumni of the BHSU photo program! While at BHSU, Chris ran the BHSU Photography Club during the first couple of years of the Shootout - and - served as a Student Ambassador for several Sessions of the Shootout during that time! Check out some of Chris' work:…/Landsca…/G0000xGhKWcTIfwU/

Andy ogan is an IT Manager; and photographer. He has been the President of the Central South Dakota Photography Club for several years. Andy has attended the Shootout as a participant. Andy enjoys Landscape; Family, and Kids Photography. He also shoots Corporate Events, and High School Sports. Check out his work at:

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