We couldn't be together in person last year; so this year we are doing one big multifaceted Pre-Conference Workshop at 1880 town!

We have lined up seven of our instructors who will each have an individual scenario for you to create images at. Some will have Models and some will focus on the details of the vintage architecture and surroundings. We will break up into six small groups and send you off to one of the instructors. After  30 minutes at a spot; we will rotate each group to a new instructor until you have made it to each of them!

11:15Am - 2:45PM. Your Admission to 1880 Town will be taken care of. Your Instructors for this event are: Jim Caldwell; Fred Rodgers; Mike Wolforth; Charlie Borland; Kendra Koski; Tomas Alvarez; and Chad Coppess. Event:$59 Add on.

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