"Cliffside on the Cheyenne Canyon: B & W Landscapes" | 2:00 - 5:00pm | There is an extra fee with this session, payable directly to the Wild Horse Sancuary | Description: For the first 100 years of photography, there were primarily only B&W images – the only colors were from chemicals used during the developing process – there was even a process that used salt and another coffee grounds. The early years were full of experiments. When color burst onto the scene in the early 20th century, it was still far easier to work in black and white.
Today, black and white still has a place in photography, but is often done as a color conversion without considering composition, focusing and the contrast of textural elements
so important to giving both depth and meaning to an image.

"Cliffside on the Cheyenne Canyon: B & W Landscapes" led by George Wilson.

"Historic Hot Springs"  | 2:00 - 5:00pm | Description: Join fellow photographers and "History buffs" for a tour around some historic sites in and around Hot springs. we will look at ways to approach and creatively compose and photograph historic buildings and sites such as Churches, a school House, A cemetery,  a Train Depot, and more! Last year this session spent most of the session out in the countryside as pictured above. This year, we will stay mostly in town

"Historic Hot Springs" Led by Jay Grammond.

"Home On The Range" led by Mackenzie Scheff.
"Home On The Range" | 4:15 - 7:15pm | Private Ranch | Description: This session will focus on ranching and western lifestyle along the foothills of the Black Hills. We will be at a ranch located between Hot Springs and Edgemont, SD with a beautiful view of the hills, prairie, a stream running through the pasture, and one of the oldest barns and corrals in the area. Cowboys and cowgirls will ride horses through the stream and across the prairie, even with pack horses. We will end the session with a cowboy camp at sunset overlooking the hills and prairie capturing some beautiful silhouettes. 
"Wildlife Loop in Custer State Park" | 4;15 - 7:15pm | Where is the herd?" Is typically the first question asked to park volunteers when visitors arrive at Custer State Park.  Luckily for us, the herd is typically in or near Wildlife Loop Road during the Shootout. This session will have you traversing the aptly named Wildlife Loop looking for bison, antelope, prairie dogs, and the beloved burros.  Photo opportunities will abound, rain or shine, in this amazing place.  If you are so inclined and want to get to know a burro intimately, bring some stale bread.  For all the other animals, give them some space - it's in your best interest.

"Wildlife Loop In Custer State Park" led by Tomas Alvarez.

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