Our National Parks, From A to Z: Saturday, Sep 25 9:00aM - 10:00am MDT. Join me for this educational travelogue - having visited more than 145 National Parks, monuments, seashores, battlefields, etc. Over my 40-year Park Ranger career, I have enjoyed sharing some of the photographic highlights of these travels, and now I want to share my insights on Travel Photography and Landscapes with you. Instructor: Marty DeWitt.

Business of Outdoor and Nature Photography: Saturday, Sep 25 11:00aM - 12:00pm MDT. Do you have a passion for outdoor and nature photography and wish to make money, possibly a living doing it? Passion and lifestyle are the reason nature photographers wish to photograph full time with many having very marketable images. While many have beautiful images, most have no idea how to get them to market, let alone, into a client’s publication. The photography business is competitive and the sooner you learn how to shoot for the market, understand who buys photography, the sooner you can realize that dream. But if you have no experience, where do you start? The Business of Outdoor and Nature Photography seminar is designed for photographers eager to understand the world of nature, travel, and adventure stock photography. The instructor is Charlie Borland, a widely published photographer and former owner of two stock photo agencies. He will look closely at what makes a good selling photo, who buys stock photography, pricing your photography, and how to get photography assignments. Instructor: Charlie Borland.

Beginner's Guide to Macro Photography: Saturday, Sep 25. 2:30 - 3:30PM MDT. We will discuss different approaches and equipment for macro photography, as well as challenges of exposure, lighting, depth of field, etc. This is focused on in-camera techniques, and does not feature (but does mention) focus stacking and post techniques. Instructor: Marty DeWitt.

Introduction to Studio Portraiture: Saturday, Sep 25 6:15 - 7:15PM MDT. If you enjoy photographing people or even dream of owning a portrait photography business, this seminar will certainly spur your imagination. Instructor Charlie Borland will show you how to create beautiful portraits from headshots to full length, groups, families, and more. You will gain a quick understanding of the tools you need to create fine portraits either in the studio or in your own home-based business. We will cover topics like: Learn how to ‘see’ good portrait lighting; Understand the role that multiple lights play in great portraits; Understand lighting ratios How to best show your subjects with the right light; How to balance lighting contrast in a complimentary manner; How to add accent lights; How to balance your subject with the background; "How-to" simple photo retouching (everybody needs some). Whether you are new to portrait photography, or you have already experienced the frustration of not really knowing how to photograph people, then this seminar will jump start your imagination. Instructor: Charlie Borland.

Alaska, The Last Frontier: Sunday, Sep 26 9:00 - 10:00aM MDT. A photographic adventure showing the beauty and grandness of Alaska and the Yukon Territories. Features scenic shots and some interesting trivia and historical information that may be of interest to those planning an Alaskan Photography adventure. 

Instructor: Marty DeWitt.

The Ultimate Guide to Landscape and Nature Photography: Sunday, Sep 26 9:45 - 10:45AM MDT. Have you always wanted to create AMAZING landscape photography, but you feel you are not getting there? I`m here to tell you that with a little inspiration, you can get there! If you`re anything like me when I was starting in photography, you start off with the best of intentions to create beautiful photography, but then after a few photo excursions you return with poor results and bland photography.  And to make things worse… every day you look at your photos wishing they magically improved and looked the way you envisioned them, they simply don't.  Instead of helping you become a landscape master… the whole effort ends up making you feel like a failure. And trust me when I say I know you`re putting in the effort!  It`s just that pointing a camera at everything you think looks good rarely results in a beautiful photo that makes you proud. The key to beautiful photography is not to take pictures, but instead, build photographs.In this seminar, we are going to look at the foundations of landscape photography including subject matter, lighting, composition, moments in time and moods in nature. We will follow this by exploring the art of interpretation and pushing the envelope with your photos. Instructor: Charlie Borland.

What Trips My Trigger: Sunday, Sep 26 1:00 - 2:00PM MDT. Learn about the things that motivate and guide my photography, the elements in a scene that attract me to a specific image, and the pre-visions and contortions I go through to try and be unique, as a way to inspire YOUR photography!  

 Instructor: Marty  DeWitt.

Starting Your Freelance Photography Business: Sunday, Sep 26 4:00 - 5:00PM MDT. In this virtual session, pro photographer Charlie Borland will share his 40 years experience as a freelance photographer and discuss his thoughts on the markets, the needed photography skills, specific techniques, the steps to starting your business, marketing, pricing, and more.  He will also include brief examples of shooting techniques for portraits, location work, product, and corporate photography.  Participants will come away with recommended steps necessary to launch your photography business.

Instructor: Charlie Borland.

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